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Why Patients Choose Brian

Brian Musial L.Ac MSOM

Brian Musial L.Ac MSOM


Hear My Story

Brian Musial is a professional that came upon his career in acupuncture accidentally quite literally. This is true of the practitioner in that his first exposure to traditional Chinese medicine was when he sought treatment for lingering back pain experienced after a sports injury. When the results amazed him, he became so intrigued that he investigated this alternative to common medicine that offered him the relief that his regular doctor had been unable to achieve. Having been a science student at the time of his injury, he made a convenient detour and focused his aptitude and his talents in the direction of alternative medicine at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine. After graduating Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine (Cum Laude) from Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, he became board certified NCCAOM, and is also national acupuncture detoxification association (N.A.D.A) certified. He is now owner of Acupuncture Integrative Natural Care, Co-Owner of Health Geeks, and podcast host for Health Geeks Radio.


Brian and his good colleague Paul Nottoli, began podcasting to share lessons learned not only in healthcare, but also in personal development, and business. They have interviewed some of the top doctors, coaches, and entrepreneurs giving a unique look at how you can apply their lessons to your daily life.